Fibredeck - no mesh floor deck system

Fibredeck® is a smart, cost effective alternative to traditional reinforcing welded wire mesh in upper floor constructions. It is a mixture of Fibremesh (a world leading brand of micro-synthetic fibres) and Novocon (high performance steel fibres) within traditional concrete which delivers a three-dimensional concrete reinforcement solution perfect for use with composite steel decks.

Fibredeck is a product developed by ourselves in collaboration with Propex Concrete Systems. It works with our MetFloor profiles in situations where design requirements are such that no welded wire mesh is specified, or where you prefer not to use welded wire mesh as reinforcement in the concrete.

Traditional composite metal deck construction involves welded wire mesh being laid on top of the deck before concrete is poured on top. Fibredeck is different in that the reinforcement elements are already mixed within the concrete prior to delivery, ready to pump on site.

Fibredeck provides both a unique technical solution for composite deck and also measurable performance benefits for the lifespan of the concrete. It simplifies the placement of the deck profile; minimises cracks in the plastic (unhardened) state; controls cracks in the hardened state, and provides years of exceptional durability. It is easily handled, pumped & finished.

Fibredeck has been internationally and independently tested by NAMAS in accordance with BS EN 1365-2:2000 standards at their certified fire test facilities, under the guidance of the SCI (Steel Construction Institute) They also analysed and approved the results which show that Fibredeck reinforced cmposite floor deck systems provide equivalent or even superior fire rating performance to traditional wire mesh solutions, with fire ratings of up to 2 hours.

Fibredeck is available as Fibredeck 55, Fibredeck 60 & Fibredeck 80. As with Metfloor profiles, the 55, 60 & 80 refer to the profile height in mm to the shoulder. of the profile.


Fibremesh (a world leading brand of micro-synthetic fibres) is internationally proven to inhibit plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking. They also benefit from increased impact and abrasion resistance and reduced permeability of the concrete. In the event of a fire the micro-synthetic fibres provide strong resistance against explosive spalling. (Explosive spalling is caused by the build-up of water vapour pressure in concrete during a fire. If the concrete is not very permeable, water vapour formed within it during rapid heating will not be able to dissipate and a pore pressure is formed. When the pore pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, explosive spalling will result.


Novocon (high performance steel fibres) are proven to provide a high level of ductility to the concrete and long term crack control – with a load carrying capability that can replace traditional reinforcement.

Our Fibredeck Partner – Propex Concrete Systems

American Company Propex Concrete Systems say “we focus on solutions-oriented innovations. That’s why we are a global leader in the supply of fibres for secondary concrete reinforcement to the construction market. We have more than 20 years experience in providing and perfecting diverse and innovative fibre reinforcement solutions.

At Propex Concrete Systems our international team of specialists work hard to address the challenges presented by concrete construction. You can see the results across a diverse range of applications: slab on ground, elevated slab, poured in-place walls, sprayed concrete, precast & more. We continue to deliver a range of industry firsts including fibrilated, monofiliment and macro synthetic fibres and engineered fibre combinations for multifaceted applications.”

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MetFloor® CMF design Software

No matter which MetFloor® profile is chosen the same state of the art CMF deck design software package is utilized. The software incorporates the construction stage & composite slab tests carried out at Imperial College, London together with fire tests carried out at Pavus in the Czech Republic under the management of the SCI (Steel Construction Institute).

This software enables the designer to carry out a deck \ slab design including line loads or punching shear checks in a simple but precise manner. Once the design is finalised, a comprehensive set of calculations can be printed, these are stamped with the SCI “ASSESSED” logo. CMF is the ONLY decking manufacturer to have carried out this SCI assessed ratification for all its profiles.

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Fibredeck® can result in up to 20% on site programme savings, including reducing installation time by up to 20%.

Save time, money & storage space

Fibredeck - easier, safer, quicker & cheaper. Can you afford not to use it?

Download the metfloor brochure as a pdf

Fibredeck Summary

Fibremesh micro-synthetic fibres are proven to reduce plastic shrinkage, settlement cracking and the explosive spalling tendancy of concrete during a fire.

Novocon Steel Fibres provide load bearing capabilities, increased toughness and long term crack control.

Independent testing by NAMAS under the guidance of the SCI proves that Fibredeck provides equivalent or superior fire rating performance to traditional welded wire solutions.

Independent testing by SCI (Steel Contruction Institute) confirms that Fibredeck provides better longitudinal shear resistance than A393 steel wire fabric.

Fibredeck can result in up to 20% on site programme savings, including reducing installation time by up to 20%.

Save on potential concrete volume & crane hire costs.

With Fibredeck there is no lifting or manual handling of welded wire mesh required.

Concrete is easier to apply as there is no trip hazard from the mesh.

No lapping or spacer products required.

No on site storage required.

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