Metfloor 55 - Shallow composite profile

The ultimate in lightweight steel decking for all multi-rise applications.

MetFloor 55 composite metal flooring

MetFloor® 55 is is a traditional dovetail re-entrant shallow composite floor deck made from S350 steel. It is our most established steel decking system, highly versatile and popular worldwide. It differs from our other MetFloor products by its shape - MetFloor® 60 & MetFloor® 80 are trapezoidal deck systems.

This particular profile provides an excellent mechanical key into the concrete slab, offering a strong shear bond performance augmented by stiffeners located in the profile trough. See diagram for details.

MetFloor® 55 presents a virtually flat soffit and only a relatively thin slab is required to meet fire design requirements. For details on the depth of concrete slab required vis a vis the fire rating please download the performance span tables below. The information in these tables comes directly from the Steel Construction Institutes own charts and data analysis.

Metfloor 55 - technical specification

MetFloor 55 Composite Slab - volume & weight
Slab Depth (mm)Concrete volume (m3/m2)Weight of concrete (kN/m2)
Normal weight Concrete
* Beam and deck deflections are not included in the table.
* Deck and mesh weights are not included in the table.
* Concrete densities are: NWC (wet)2400kg/m3 and NWC (dry) 2350kg/m3

Download the metfloor brochure as a pdf

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MetFloor® CMF design Software

No matter which MetFloor® profile is chosen the same state of the art CMF deck design software package is utilized. The software incorporates the construction stage & composite slab tests carried out at Imperial College, London together with fire tests carried out at Pavus in the Czech Republic under the management of the SCI (Steel Construction Institute).

This software enables the designer to carry out a deck \ slab design including line loads or punching shear checks in a simple but precise manner. Once the design is finalised, a comprehensive set of calculations can be printed, these are stamped with the SCI “ASSESSED” logo. CMF is the ONLY decking manufacturer to have carried out this SCI assessed ratification for all its profiles.

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Available in 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm gauge steel.

Typical unpropped span of 3.5m

Precise mechanical key into concrete slab.

Excellent fire rating.

Design profile ensures optimum flexibility and efficiency when placing shear studs.

Download the metfloor brochure as a pdf

Profile Summary

Metfloor 55 - Shallow composite profile diagram

Shear studs
MetFloor® 55 has a wide trough which provides great flexibility and efficiency when placing shear studs.

Composite beams’ fire performance
Even for two hours fire rating, the top flange of the steel beam does not require fire protection when used with MetFloor® composite deck.

Under floor services
Services are easy to attach to MetFloor® 55, with the ribs presenting a dovetailed recessed groove in the concrete slab at 150mm. This provides the perfect connection for service hangars via a wedge nut or similar fixing device.

Slab’s fire performance
Heat transfer through the small dovetail into the slab is minimal resulting in a lesser slab depth for fire design.

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