Metfloor 60 - Composite profile

The ultimate in lightweight steel decking just got better with even greater span capabilities.

MetFloor 60 composite metal flooring

MetFloor® 60 is a shallow trapezoidal composite floor deck made from S350 steel. The 60 refers to the height of the profile in mm to the shoulder, before the dovetail of the profile. In this case 60mm.

Like MetFloor 80 it differs from MetFloor 55 which is a re entrant design deck system. MetFloor 60 is the amazing result of our extensive redevelopment & enhancement of the second generation of composite decking.

MetFloor 60 offers a number of advantages over MetFloor 55, as it offers you the customer a far greater unpropped span capability, and requires less concrete. Even with reduced concrete volume, it still offers an exceptional acoustic \ sound insulation, whilst being a more environmentally sustainable option.

MetFloor 60 is engineered with optional closed end \ end crush. Crushing the ends give exceptional fire protection, enhanced acoustic properties, and requires no filler blocks, making on site installation a breeze.

This MetFloor 60 profile is designed with trough stiffeners (ribs to the base of the trough); and joining laps formed asymmetrically to allow for both interlocking and the shear studs to be placed centrally in both the troughs. As a result there is less need for on site checking. See diagram for details.

Metfloor 60 - technical specification

MetFloor 60 Composite Slab - volume & weight
Slab Depth (mm)Concrete volume (m3/m2)Weight of concrete (kN/m2)
Normal weight Concrete
* Beam and deck deflections are not included in the table.
* Deck and mesh weights are not included in the table.
* Concrete densities are: NWC (wet)2400kg/m3 and NWC (dry) 2350kg/m3

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MetFloor® CMF design Software

No matter which MetFloor® profile is chosen the same state of the art CMF deck design software package is utilized. The software incorporates the construction stage & composite slab tests carried out at Imperial College, London together with fire tests carried out at Pavus in the Czech Republic under the management of the SCI (Steel Construction Institute).

This software enables the designer to carry out a deck \ slab design including line loads or punching shear checks in a simple but precise manner. Once the design is finalised, a comprehensive set of calculations can be printed, these are stamped with the SCI “ASSESSED” logo. CMF is the ONLY decking manufacturer to have carried out this SCI assessed ratification for all its profiles.

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Available in 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm gauge steel.

Typical unpropped span of 4.5m

State-of-the-art engineering boasts exceptional spanning capabilities.

New roll-forming technology delivering optimum structural performance.

Optional closed ends for use in single span applications.

Superb acoustic performance

Download the metfloor brochure as a pdf

Profile Summary

Metfloor 60 - Composite profile diagram

Long span capability equals less cost
The enhanced design of this profile gives you the potential for far greater unpropped span, reducing structural steel requirements & thus costs.

Safer Manual Handling
With a standardized cover width of just 600mm sheets are lightweight, and can be handled safely.

More Environmentally Sustainable
Greater span capability equals less concrete equals improved environmental sustainability.

Optimised Composite Action
Enhanced profile design with trough stiffeners (ribs) and positioned joining laps helps guarantee centrally placed studs resulting in less on site checking.

Impressive construction benefits
This particular profile is ideal for multi rise construction & mezzanine floors (indeed most steel framed buildings) due to its speed of installation; the reduced carriage requirements; reduced structure, weight & height, and by providing a working platform during construction

Excellent Acoustic & Fire Performance.
Metfloor profiles have exceptional fire protection and acoustic performance. End crush enhances this exceptional performance even further without the need for filler blocks, and simplifies installation.

End Crush – Equals Good Aesthetics & Safety
MetFloor 60 has the optional “end crush” feature, which eliminates the need for end caps to be installed on site. The benefits of this are quicker installation time, a more aesthetically pleasing finish, and enhanced fire & acoustic performance. This end crush finish is ideal for multiple single span condition projects commonly found in car park construction. There are also structural benefits with optional end crush.

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